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We are able to convert each card into a unique product. If it is not (yet) on this page, it does not mean we can not produce it. Such as the request for an EmotionCard without cover, but with a light sensor instead of the usual pin switch and printed on silver paper. No problem. Whatever your question and challenge is, we are happy to help you and look forward.

Get in contact and together we help you realizing your product!

buttons with extra functions for video cards


For every type of EmotionCard, so for every quality version and every screen size, it is possible to add buttons. These buttons can have multiple functions. The most frequently used functions are to pause / play the video, to adjust the volume, or to place multiple videos on one EmotionCard.

vimezz card with cutout


Sometimes you would like to give more than just a video message. A small physical product, or further information (such as brochures, photos, files, etc.) on a USB stick. With a cutout you can present the 'insert' in an elegant way.

vimezz card uv varnish

Spot UV varnish / Foil print

Various types of printing are available to make the EmotionCard stand out a bit more. Besides spot UV varnish and foil printing, we can also use embossing or debossing. And of course, every card is laminated, where you have the choice between glossy or matt material.

hard cover as extension for vimezz video cards

Hard cover

Standard version of our EmotionCards is produced with a soft cover. For an extra robust impression, we also offer a hard cover version.

tri-fold as extension of vimezz video cards


Often the story is mainly told in the video, but sometimes that is not enough and extra space for text and / or images is requested. Luckily we can provide the EmotionCards with Tri-fold. This extra flap then offers additional space to be able to spread your message even more effectively.

Interested? For more information get in contact with us or order a free sample.

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