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hard cover card with video display

The EmotionCard is thé direct marketing tool with an extremely high retention value of no less than 78%. Which makes it thé alternative for email marketing, cold calling or businesscards. It is thé entry that really reaches your target market.

Because of the default templates you can easily provide the artwork and can every card be made corresponding to your own brand.

In addition, there are more options like:

  • Autoplay of a video when a card is being opened.
  • Adding several buttons so different videos can be managed separately.
  • Business cards in different sizes, up to A4.

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Book - Magazine

Vimezz Car Magazine with display

Besides the standard EmotionCard, it is also possible to combine a book or magazine with video. The design you can create by using our template on your own. In addition there are further possibilities to choose from:

  • Additional buttons for extra video’s: play, pause and volume
  • Different formats such as A4 or custom dimensions
  • Cover refinded with UV varnish

The ViMezz Magazine is is a great way to make an unforgettable impression.

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slide card with video

You do not want a standard card but still a compact model? Then the slider must be your choice. The slider is the compact version of the EmotionCard and offers many advantages:

  • With the size of a business card it is easy to store
  • The video is playing immediately when pulling out the ribbon
  • Particularly suitable if it is 100% around the video

With the slider card you make a small but unforgettable gesture.

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Gift box

giftbox with bottle and video display

The gift box is the best way to combine ViMezz EmotionCard with an attribute. This can be a gift, as well as a product sample you sent along with your marketing material. The box is perfect to use for:

  • The introduction of new products
  • A business gift with a personal message
  • Offering marketing materials such as folders with a video

The gift box from ViMezz ensures that your product never ends in the cupboard.

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Shop display

standing retail display with integrated video display

Nowadays it is very difficult for companies and their brands to stand out at the point of sale. With an integrated display you may attract customers of a shop literally to stop at your product. In general its a nice support in your marketing strategy, if you:

  • Want to launch new products on the market
  • Increase the number of sales
  • Want to tell the story behind the product

ViMezz is an expert in making custom shop displays. From counter displays to extensive shop fittings, we like to think along with the possibilities for an unforgettable shopping experience.

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3D Hologram Vimezz

With the ViMezz Hologram projector you will attract attention in every retail environment. The futuristic projection displays your product rotating in 3D and will definitely attract the attention of you customers.

  • Perfect for an accurate 360° view of your product
  • Gives a luxurious and modern appearance to a simple object
  • Available with supporting music/ text

Curious as to how we put your product in the marked using a hologram? Contact us and we will tell you more.

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