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Quality versions

ViMezz EmotionCards are available in two different quality versions. Each version is having its different features. Check which one fits your requests at its best:

Icon for best quality version of Vimezzcards
  • High-definition screen
  • 2 months stand-by
  • plays 60 times
  • In any size
  • Around 3 weeks delivery time
  • Great sound

Affordable top quality


Icon for excellent Quality
  • High-definition screen
  • 2 months stand-by
  • plays 180 times
  • In any size
  • Around 3 weeks delivery time
  • Great sound

The best quality


In sum:

  • Nine of ten customers are choosing the Quality model. The battery is lasting aprox. 2 months, while the video can be played 60 times. With this model you get the best price-performance ratio.
  • The Excellent model is for those who are only satisfied with the best. The Card is having a high-definition screen, operated by a high-performance battery, which is providing high-resolution pictures.

Usually LCD screens have a blue sheen. However, we are adjusting your video material, to get an comparable result, making you believe, watching the video on a computer screen.

If you have questions with choosing the right model of EmotionCard, we are ready to help you. Just get in contact with us. Further information are also provided on the page about different screen sizes.

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