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Screen sizes

Taille d’écrans

ViMezz EmotionCard is having for different requests and for every budget the right display available. You would like to create a special business card, then the 2,4″ display will be your choice. Our 4,3″ display is presenting commercial video campaigns in the best price-performance ratio. This size (and if you want to spend more, you can also choose a 5″ display) is for most of your customers well known as it is the size of a usual smartphone.

If you really want to impress you should go for the 7″ display.

Higher – faster – further: Our display with 10″ is bigger than all other products we have available. Please note that display size is only available in an EmotionCard greater the size DIN A4. It is just obvious that this model is more expensive, whereas it is providing the largest space in presenting your video. You can compare this model with a  standard iPad but just for a part of the price.


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Download the following image as a PDF. If you print this full-sized you’ll have the screen sizes full-sized as well and you will have a clear picture of the different screen sizes.

The measurements and resolutions of the screens:
2,4” – 47x36mm (320x240px – ratio 4:3)
2,8” – 56x41mm (320x240px – ratio 4:3)
4,3” – 94x52mm (480x270px – ratio 16:9)
5” – 108x65mm (480x270px – ratio 16:9)
7” – 151x84mm (800x480px – ratio 16:9)
10” – 217x120mm (1024x600px – ratio 16:9)

Druckvorlage von verschiedenen verfügbaren Displayformaten der EmotionCard

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