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Video Magazine

The video magazine is available in various sizes

vimezz emotioncards

ViMezz can deliver the magazine in nearly all sizes. A simple company presentation for example, will do fine on an A5 sized magazin. Do you want to add some more volume to your presentation? Then A4 sized will be a better option.

  • A5 landscape
  • A5 portret
  • A4 landscape
  • A4 portret

Do you have a different size in mind? In consultation everything is possible. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help.

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The video magazine supports all LCD sizes


Since the video is the centerpiece of your company presentation in the magazine. You would want it to stand out (as such). For this reason we supply the video magazine with a video screen in the highest resolution possible without sacrificing the battery life of the magazine. The size of the screen depends of course on the size you choose for the magazine.

The sizes ViMezz can supply without sacrificing battery life are:

  • 2,4 inch
  • 2,8 inch
  • 4,3 inch
  • 5,0 inch
  • 7,0 inch
  • 10 inch

The size most chosen by other customers is A4 wit a 7 inch screen. Please contact us when you prefer a size other than those mentioned above.
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Make a real impression with your video magazine

artwork templates

You can add up to 10 video’s to one video magazine. This gives you the possibility to divide your company presentation into separate video’s. By adding play, pause and volume buttons the magazine can be operated separately. Supplying your own design is also a piece of cake. Make use of our artwork templates for this. Our designers will support you in the process where needed.
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Solid shape EN

Solid shape

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card in landscape format with video display

A6 EmotionCard

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